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Top 10 Moments of 2013

Top 10 Moments of 2013

What’s going on Ragers? I hope 2014 is treating you well so far. Time for new beginnings and half done resolutions you’ve been trying to accomplish since 2013. Speaking of last year 2013 gave us quite a few dope shows to remember. So, in celebration of the new year, we decided to bring you what we believe were the top 10 shows of 2013.

Paint Drop
#10 Paint Drop

Paint drop Raleigh was a major paint party at what was the Vortex nightclub off of Wake Forest Rd.  Just picture a packed house full of paint hungry ragers and a stellar line up behind the decks. Hek Yeh and Nicholas Armand kicked of the night in stellar fashion with hard hitting beats to get the crowd going. Madd Mixx, who was the resident DJ for the tour crushed the floor with his dirty electro house fused with a bit of golden era hip hop. If you thought that had the crowd hype enough you’re wrong. The headliner of the night was none other than crowd favorite Cry Wolf. Backed with live instruments and a recently released EP, Mr. Phillips highlighted the night with heavy tunes and crooning vocals.  Closing out the Night was DJ Psylo who had everyone raging to the wee hours of the morning.

Bass Bunny Bday Bash
#9 Bass Bunny Birthday Bash

Head Bunny, Mama Bunny, Mama, Shrobyn, Zombyn, Throbyn, She goes by many names. But everybody knows the always lovable Robyn Fuller. As Many of you may remember, she threw herself a little Adventure Time themed shindig right after Camp Neon for her birthday. And if you were there you know it was EPIC. Sound Resurgence (at the time known as DJ Roudee) kicked the night off with some smooth house tunes warming up the night in style. after the cooling to the opening set Beastmode (Shatta and Aggression) Immediately jumped into hyping the crowd up with some hard dubstep and drum n bass. People were pouring in by the dozens as the bass pumped and resonated throughout and outside the venue. Up next to wreck the decks, Special Blend. Tag team partners, and lady killers Turt and Jonny Lee hopped on the 1’s and 2’s and CRUSHED it. Hard hitting dubstep to kick the set off and have heads banging and bodies jumping. flowing flawlessly, they transition from dirty dubstep to filthy electro house.  Now you have shufflers jumping on the floor to show out as only they know how. Think they were done? Not a chance. The duo now decide to jump in to the booty bounce music known as Jersey Club. You would think Robyn would be done after a top shelf set like that? Well you thought wrong. Enter the first headliner of the evening, GEIN. Bad chemistry front runner and one nasty drum n bass veteran. As expected Gein played no games on the decks crushing with the floor with that militant tear out D&B that had everyone tapping into their inner junglist . Raging hard and raging fast GEIN put on one hell of a show for the crowd that left Mama Bunny highly pleased. Now enter headliner number 2, also known my favorite act of the night. The Bolivian Marching Affair walked up to the deck to relieve GEIN from crushing the floor, kicking out a little D&B of their own. Quickly getting into the groove TBMA jumped slides ever so smoothly into that crowd jumping, shuffler catering, house. At this point the crowd has gone insane from the quality these guys are putting out. But they’re just warming themselves up. Enter in the hard body trap run/dubstep portion of the evening. Booties are shaking, the dancers are throwing down, and the crowd is monstrous. Even the lights coming on in the venue didn’t stop the party from jumping. This rave  definitely earned it’s spot in the top ten.

Excision stage
#8 Excision

Unless you were hiding under a rock you knew about Excision coming to town. 100,000 watts of PK sound ready to blow the roof off the Longbranch and leave everyone in the building screaming “WHAT?!” as they left the venue. Opening up the night was EDM vet Riot the DJ. Kicking the already crowded venue with some good old fashioned house to get everyone on the floor moving and the party popping. Now let’s bring in the well known heavy hitters. First up, Vaski. turning the crowd up in style with some filthy electro and dubstep. At this point the venue is all but packed wall to wall, with the walls flexing from the bass. Up next on decks, Paper Diamond. Exit house and enter dubstep. HEAVY dubstep ragers of the Raleigh scene united to jam out to Paper Diamond rip it to shreds on the 1’s and 2’s. All of a sudden the lights go dark. Everyone is chanting Excision over and over. The bass drops, the floor shakes from beneath. It just got real. the floor shakes again as you hear a devious voice over the speakers. The crowd goes insane, the elaborate stage is revealed. The anticipation is finally whisked away as Excision makes his way to the stage. Of course he gives no mercy as he rattles the building with all 100,000 watts. Sound can be heard from miles out. Ragers losing their minds as the bass hits them over and over relentlessly. By the time it was all over I swear everyone was temporarily deaf. Any time you guys manage to go so hard that the Mayor of Raleigh gets a phone call about it, you can be sure it’s a moment worth capturing on this list.

Bingo Selfie
#7 Bingo Players

Sugar Society pulled no punches when they brought Shake, Rattle, and Roll tour to Raleigh. The amazing line up, the light show, the confetti. the entire show was just mind blowing. before the doors even opened the line was wrapped around the corner. Getting off to a bit of a late start didn’t take away from the show either. Makj immediately jumped in with hard hitting, feet shuffling electro house. He didn’t even make it through half of his set before he had the crowd jumping. Up next to keep the party going, Bassjackers. Of course he doesn’t let up with the hard hitting house tunes as the crowd is completely pumped with anticipation for the main event. I mean how could you not be the the curtain covering the elaborate stage in the background? Now for a quick intermission. the supporting acts walk off of the stage as the energy goes through the roof. You can hear Bingo Players being chanted from the front to the back of the venue. The bass drops, the Crowd goes wild. The curtains are finally removed to reveal an immaculate light show. The front of the stage is set with mock speakers covering everything in front of the decks. Two huge mock speakers that just about looked real from the projection. And lets not forget the lights, So many lights! you know what I can show you better than I can describe it

Bingo Stage

As the crowd is mesmerized by the light show at hand Maarten walks out to the stage. He steps to the stage and embraces the crowd. He starts the crowd up with some smooth house for the crowd to get moving. He’s slowly building the energy in the room, banging out tune after tune for everyone to jam out to. by the time Maarten drops the first crowd favorite “Cry” everyone is on a different level of existence. Everyone jumping in unison, confetti flying, lights shooting everywhere, the experience is just beyond description. But the crowd wasn’t hype enough yet. At least he didn’t thinks so. A few nasty tracks later here comes “Rattle”. The crowd has officially gone insane. He spins it back before the drop. Teasing just a little bit more. He starts it again. Everyone is already jumping. Then…THAT DROP! Confetti flies every where as the heat rises from the energy in the room. If only that moment could last forever. Well, unfortunately I couldn’t. But it did go past 2 AM. Now you understand why this event took the #7 spot.

Adventure Club 2

#6 Superheroes Anonymous Tour
Calling all heroes! Calling all heroes! Gather around for the the recap of the Montreal duo who earned the #6 spot. Adventure Club pulled out all the stops For their Superheroes Anonymous Tour. Full live production, one killer supporting line up and a mass of energy only they knew how to bring. Starting of the night early and properly was Raleigh resident Gauntlet. The Local heavy hitter got the ladies hips moving with some experimental trap and twerk tunes along with some light dubstep. After leaving the stage with praise from the crowd up next to kill it was up and coming producer Hunter Siegel. I’ll tell you right now this man played no games with his set. Kicking ass and taking names with his dirty electro house, leaving everyone in the venue jumping like grasshoppers. Taking over without missing a beat was heavy hitter DallasK. Running the decks like a true pro, he kept the levels high with more of that 4 to floor that everyone loves. Now who could possibly hype the crowd anymore before the main attraction came to the stage. I’ll tell you who, DVBBS! That’s right, now the crowd is ready to “turn up.” DVBBS was absolutely relentless. Wrecking the stage with Grey goose bottle in hand. Busting out banger after banger showing out a merciless onslaught of tunes. Making sure their energy matched the crowd pouring goose in to ladies mouths, jumping up and down on stage like animals.

A taste of the stage

A taste of the stage

Now for the main event after a brief intermission a robot like voice bellows through the audience. Lights start flashing past. The emergency signal goes off as Christian Srigley and Leighton James step onto the stage. You hear them shout “Raleigh what the f*ck is UP?!” The crowd goes nuts as the build up to the first track begins. and then finally, what everyone’s been waiting for, THAT DROP. everyone has gone completely insane. Track after track everyone is engulfed in everything they play. And just when you thought they couldn’t bring anymore energy out of the crowd, “I Need Your Heart” resonates through the speakers. One by one the performers walk out to the front of the stage as the song keeps playing they wait as the crowd builds their anticipation. You can hear them singing the lyrics word for word with their hands in the air. That big build before the drop arrives. Everyone gets ready for the whats about to commence. Silence fills the room. Then finally as the drop floods the Lincoln, CROWD SURF!!! Every performer jumps into the audience and rides the waves back to the stage. Adventure Club returns to the deck to continue the mind blowing experience. They finish out the night with an army of throwback originals, closing with their well known remix of “Crave You.”

Well kids that’s all for today. stay tuned for the top five of our top ten coming soon.

Rage on Raleigh,

Mr. Monopoly

Mr. Monopoly

January 12th, 2014

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