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Smog City Takeover

Smog City Takeover

So let me ask you something. What show had 6 headliners, an onslaught of tunes. and only cost $10? Your answer? Well none other than the Smog City Tour of course. After the success of the Smog City 2 LP, Smog records brought an army of performers to celebrate the release. Smogs invasion of raleigh included Steady, Son Of Kick, Two Fresh, Flinch, Protohype, and of course 12th Planet. Not one of these artists failed to impress the crowd with kick-ass sets.

SC crowd 1

Kicking of the night Proper was Steady. Even though the crowd was small, that didn’t stop him from kicking out some chill bass tunes to get bodies moving. relieving Steady from the decks was London based producer, Son of Kick. SOK came in with some of that dirty UK grime sound. with filthy lyrics and hard hitting baselines. switching up in to some nice trap tunes, SOK had the whole crowd expressing themselves.

12th planet 1

Following up the Grime filled set were the identical twins known as Two Fresh. The duo wasted no time turning up the crowd with killer tunes. the crowd slowly became more hype the further the dived into their set. the crowd went from partially stagnant to a wave of ragers. You would think the everyone would have been turned up enough for the night. Not even close.

SC crowd 1

We are only halfway through the line up and it’s already gotten real. next up to grace the Smog City stage, Flinch. Headbanging dubstep filled the room while everyone began to go nuts. The Smog city representative ripped the stage apart proving he was a force to be reckoned with. Now the party is at the level it should be. Enter Protohype. the levels are rising. the Firepower artist Brought pure filth to the stage tearing place up with body jumping tunes you can hear the cheering from back to front while Protohype ripped his set to shreds

12th planet 2

Now Lets bring in the main event of the evening. Que Smog City head honcho 12th Planet.The Crowd is now turned all the way up. Wasting no time the Nibiru native commences to get busy. Surprising the crowd. 12th kicks off the night with some high octane Drum n Bass. Now that he has the crowd guessing, He continues going in with a mixture of dubstep and trap tunes that gave everyone in the crowd that well known stink face. Transitioning into up into some electro, 12th decides to crank out the well known banger “Freak” by Lucky Date. now the crowd is jumping up and down like crazed rabbits. Everyone has their hands in the air jamming out as he switches back to some neck body jerking trap tunes. His energetic set continues through out the remainder of the night. Of course being the nice guys that they are, All of the performers stayed behind to take pictures and chat with their fans.

If you want to hear a taste of what you missed at the show just check out the mixtape they compiled

Rage on Raleigh,

Mr. Monopoly

February 6th, 2014

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