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22 Jun 2015 | MidTempo


Oh look, another Heisenberg!

Happy Monday ragers. It’s Halloween week and that means all your favorite weeklies will be expecting you to come in costume. We here at Rage Raleigh want to make sure you don’t go out looking anything less than incredible so we thought we’d give you our top five favorite Halloween costume ideas.

1) Everyone’s favorite search engine, Google.
google costume
If you’ve got two friends then this costume is very doable. As an addition, a well placed sticker that reads “I’m feeling lucky” would be a nice touch.

2)The Skele-Boner
The human body has 206 bones, this costume has 207. The 207th is inflatable as well, hours of inappropriate fun to be had here.

3)The nurse from the cover of the Blink 182 Album “Enema of the State”
blink 182
Nostalgia abounds from this iconic nurse that was a part of our lives 14 years ago. Now turn your head and cough.

4)Trevor from GTA V
trevor gtaV
Everyone’s favorite sociopath of 2013 is a great costume idea. Just remember that hiding in a parking garage won’t get rid of any heat you might pick up throughout the night should you decide to go out in character.

Put on some body armor, a machete, and a blue and yellow mask, and hit the streets as the biggest bad-ass in the DC universe. Then spend all night explaining to people who you are. What could be better?

A word of warning as many of you may be considering donning a yellow chemsuit and a gas mask and going as everyone’s favorite chemistry professor/meth cook. I’ve been to two Halloween costume parties this year and have seen a total of 5 Heisenbergs.

It’s Monday and that means that Mosaic is setting the Industry Standard tonight. While we’ve got a short reprieve from the cold come out and enjoy some incredible DJs spinning out on the patio tonight.

Don’t forget to like the Rage Raleigh Facebook page. We’ve got a giveaway going on right now for tickets to Raleigh Gets F*cking Weird. Details for that are available on the Facebook page. Today, we leave you with the incredibly dark Drum & Bass mix by our good friend Aggression titled “Syncopated Chaos”. Give it a listen below.

However you decide to rage this holiday we here at Rage Raleigh ask that you do rage responsibly.

Rage on,

Christopher English

October 28th, 2013

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