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Noisy Cartel

Noisy Cartel

What’s good Raleigh fam? It’s the fancy one with the monocle back at it with a special treat. Anybody out there in the Oak City a fan of Jersey Club? well if you are in any sense of the word the name Mike Gip should ring a bell. Recently the “Real” Jersey Shore native signed a banger of a tune to well known Raleigh based record label NoisyDubs. In light of the Noisy fam landing this heavy hitter, We sat down with the Cartel Music member to gain a little more clarity on his pursuit in the music industry:

RR: Who/what are your biggest sources of inspiration for your music?
MG: My biggest sources of inspiration for my music would most definitely have to be a little of Juicy J, mixed with a little of ’09/’10 DJ Sliink & DJ Jayhood.

RR: Who/what initially got you into electronic music?
MG: Starting out, Jersey Club (JC) was never in the EDM category. Over time, outside influences cause us to experiment with electro sounds to get where it is now. Personally, I’ve pretty much became a product of my surrounding peers in the JC world.

RR: What are your goals for your music career for the next 5 years? What about for the next 10 years?
MG: My goals for the next 5 years actually consist of going mainstream as an artist/producer, as I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m too loud & outspoken to sit back behind turntables, as I can see myself on stage performing & going crazy. In the next 10 years, I plan to launch my own label & bring up overlooked musicians in NJ.

RR: What do you think makes you unique in an industry flooded with talent?
MG: What makes me unique in the industry is my sound is pretty much in it’s own lane. Starting out, you can tell who’ve influenced my sound. Now, you can’t really tell (well at least I’ve been told). For example, everyone in the JC world uses (really abuses) the bed squeak sample but I usually use it in ways no one else does (crazy chops, delays, etc).

RR: If you could do one thing with your music career, what would that be?
MG: One thing I would do with my music career is flip it to what I really want to do. It’ll take time, as I’ve slowly started to do so, but I really plan to strictly become an artist (rapper)/producer.

RR: Describe the sound you produce and play, what made you want to produce that style?
MG: The sound I produce is so versatile. I can literally produce anything, but what I’m known for producing & playing is Urban EDM (Jersey Club, Trap/Bass, Twerk). What made me want to produce these styles were pretty much hearing people producing it, hearing flaws, and then producing them to something better (as cocky as it sounds, that’s my legit reasoning).

RR: Anything else you want to let the people know?
MG: I wish we can bring back real Jersey Club (no really). I wish people would recognize the true faces of Jersey Club. I wish people would do research before sounding ignorant with their blogs & social media posts. I wish. I’m just glad the guys over at Noisy Dubs gave someone from NJ an actual chance of remixing their track so the people can get a real feel of what Jersey Club/Urban EDM actually is. On behalf of the whole NJ, thank you for the opportunity. We greatly appreciate it. Let’s Go Baby!

Be on the look out for Mike Gip’s remix of Gangsta’s Don’t Dance by Vorheez, forthcoming on Noisydubs.

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