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Myles Travitz – Miracle City EP

Myles Travitz – Miracle City EP

So as we are in the process of gathering data on all the local DJs and producers it was made apparent to me that we had glossed over Myles Travitz. Let me start with an apology for that. I’m sorry that Myles Travitz didn’t have an artist page sooner. Whether it was because I was (and proabaly still am) wholly unprepared for the massive undertaking that is involved with running this website, or I was afraid that our web servers would crash from simply having links to his songs on here and the traffic generated from his raw talent would overload the server, or (and most likely) he’s just too damn beautiful and I was afraid that millions of women (and men [I’m looking at you Doppelganger]) would flock to the site simply to stare at his profile picture, I am sorry that his profile wasn’t added before today. That being said, 8 days ago he released the Miracle City EP. The composition on every single one of these tracks is complex and beautiful. His classical piano training is abundantly clear as is his knowledge of music in general. It’s a fine wine with heavy bass and some of the best string synths I’ve heard in a while. Personally my favorite track off this EP is Renegade, but I’m a fan of all of them, and I’m sure you will be too. Miracle City Is available exclusively through Beatport.

Rage on,

Christopher English

September 25th, 2013

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