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Harvey J Makes Us Bounce

Harvey J Makes Us Bounce

Warning. This song should not be listened to without a good amount of low frequency bass. So crank your subs, and for those of you without subs, drive immediately to the house of your friend who does have a sub-woofer and turn it up to 11. Raleigh likes to consider Durham close kin. We certainly hope you Durham Ragers come to shows, we just hope you don’t throw too many shows in Durham, because frankly, Raleigh has better parking. It would seem that the City of Medicine has produced a producer proportionately prolific enough to procure a position on OWSLA presents EGGNOG dropping on December 16th, and it’s pretty phucking pleasing. Alliteration aside, this track goes in, hard.

At 21, rapper, producer, fashion mogul, business owner, moonshine brewer, DJ, and possibly Iron Man, Durham native Harvey J’s new collab with Trollphace “Make It Bounce” has amassed over 246 thousand plays. The track has a perfect blend of dubstep and trap elements, because I don’t know whether to describe it as a dubstep track with trap influences, or a trap track with dubstep influences. The percussion during the drops would lead me to say dubstep. There are no brown note inducing 808s. The LFO on the synth is there. But then the horns come in as though they are heralding the rolling snares and high hats and everything screams this is a trap track. Long story short, this track will fit into both dubstep and trap sets, I expect to hear some interesting transitions when this is put into mixes.

You can check out the track below and grab it when it drops on the 16th.

Christopher English

December 14th, 2014

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