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22 Jun 2015 | MidTempo


Happy New Year Ragers!!!!

Happy New Year Ragers!!!!

Welcome to the new year Rage Raleigh fam! Mr Monopoly here back from recovery and ready to dish out some events going on in the Raleigh Scene. Let’s start off with a light show shall we? LiteitupFX has a special treat for all of you glovers out there. LIUFX in association with Gloving is art is bringing you Raleigh’s First Gloving Competition at Covert Bass. Featuring eighteen competitors and a lot of lights. I suggest you bring your diffraction glasses. Now next up is a pretty young weekly that has been making some buzz around the industrial section of the scene. Spy is catering to the Industrial/EBM fans with Blitz. Featuring Lil Siant Dee and Poperotiq’s alter ego, Seraphim System. Now last but not least is Thursday Night. 606 Lounge is Welcoming Raleigh’s Own Atomika home from Germany. Supporting acts include heavy hitters Luneffekt, Special Blend, and Mr. Kleen. That’s all for now ragers. I’m going to leave you with a bit of the Blitz atmosphere with Seraphim System’s remix of “The Dark Half” By Aesthetic Perfection. If you dig what your hearing, Make sure you grab a copy of his New Album “Eradicate With Extreme Prejuduce” available now.

Rage on Raleigh,

Mr Monopoly

Mr. Monopoly

January 5th, 2014

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