Jack Ü – To Ü (Bad Catholics Remix) + Bootleg Pack
22 Jun 2015 | MidTempo


Bad Catholics are back at it… and we couldn’t be happier.

Bad Catholics are back at it… and we couldn’t be happier.

What do Henry VIII, Fidel Castro, and Napoleon all have in common. If you said that they have all had at least 2 wives you’d be correct, but at the same time incorrect. The answer we were looking for is that they were all, at some point in their lives, excommunicated by the Roman Catholic Church. In my mind, at least, this makes them bad Catholics. And we love Bad Catholics. The raw talent of Doppelganger and Tyler Buck comes blasting forth in their new track, a moombahcore remix of the Zomboy track Vancouver Beatdown. The remix opens with the rhythm guitar blasting through your speakers and in the background a Nintendo like 8 bit beeping melody can be heard. The build comes in with a kick that is sure to cause structural damage to whatever dwelling you happen to be residing in at the moment leading into the drop. The drop is akin to being roughly shoved into a burlap sack and then being used as a melee weapon to fight an army of armored zombies. The track goes into a pad breakdown allowing you to recover from your fresh wounds opened by the previous drop. As you listen to the breakdown you may begin to notice the tempo increase. Lucky you, it’s moving into a house tempo, you’re worries are over. I LIED! The second drop is equally as brutal as the first except you’re now fighting an army of even more armored zombies at an even faster pace. Remember to alternate ice then heat as you recover from your injuries as we continue to keep an eye on Bad Catholics. We are definitely fans and can’t wait to hear more from them.

As it is Tuesday I expect to see everyone one of you at Bassbunny Productions Presents: Covert Bass tonight!

We are posting the track below and wish our good friends Bad Catholics the best of luck in this remix contest.

Rage on,

Christopher English

October 15th, 2013

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