Jack Ü – To Ü (Bad Catholics Remix) + Bootleg Pack
22 Jun 2015 | MidTempo


Danny Shyguy

Shyguy is a music veteran with an everlasting love affair with Jungle and drum’n’bass. beginning this affair in 1995, he quickly evolved two years later from just listening, to mixing. After paying dues from 1997-2000, he became one of the founders Wilmington’s infamous Rinse & Repeat weekly, one of the first all-drum’n’bass events in NC. Over the next couple of years, they brung the likes of John B, E-sassin, Marcus Intalex, DJ Lee, Total Science, Odi, Evol Intent, Mayhem, Orion and an array of local talent to the Port City. In 2001, in response to the passing of two great friends (Lance Presson and Joe Sullivan), Rinse & Repeat hosted the first of what would be many NC Strength events. Better known as North Carolina’s annual drum’n’bass convention: a weekend of debauchery and beats in gorgeous Wilmington, NC. Shyguy later became involved in the website NCDnB.com, co-running the site with Vicious T. Under the NCDnB.com moniker, he went on to organize NC Strengths 3, 4, 5 and 7. In 2004, he organized his one and only renegade event, Breakbeach, an unforgettable night on gorgeous Masonboro Island. Alongside promotion, Shyguy continued to play profoundly around NC. Along with making stops in Buffalo, NY, and at Konkrete Jungle NYC. He also has been featured on internet radio stations NCDnB Radio, Rewind Radio (Colorado), and Bassdrive. Shyguy later moved to the Raleigh area in 2007 after a semi-retirement. This led to quickly joining his long time friend Phobia for his Rumble Sessions weekly, which ran until 2011. Currently he has taken on the role of label head for NoisyDrums, the dnb-centric sister label to NoisyDubs.