Jack Ü – To Ü (Bad Catholics Remix) + Bootleg Pack
22 Jun 2015 | MidTempo

Leader 1

“In the darkness I still shine.”

My name is Jason Leader. I am an artist. I have had a passion for playing and listening to music since my younger years. Early on it was punk rock and hard core. I have played in bands for as long as I can remember. I’ve toured and cut records of every style indie music possible. L1 and Leader 1 actually originated from painting and a graffiti pen name and then later developed into a DJ persona. In my early 20s I started to become jaded from the trials that resulted around being in a band and started to figure out ways to become just as involved in the music scene but without the hassles of band mates. So one day as I walked into
a club in Jacksonville, Florida I realized DJs were not mixing and using iPods, so I told myself I would do my part in bringing back the art and craft of DJing and in doing so I have found the solution to my problem. I immediately went out and bought 2 turn tables, belt drives, and a mixer and then proceeded to buy $10,000 worth of vinyl in 1 year. My beginnings as a DJ I specialized in playing indie rock and 80s music. I began to play at hipster joints all over Jacksonville; then I found this style of EDM called Drum & Bass and it sparked my interest which lead me to a career started in the purist form of DnB. While in Jacksonville, I opened a record store called vinyl frontier and started to sell my records to buy DnB. I then sold the store and moved from Florida for good. About 5 years ago, I stepped into the Raleigh scene and immediately hooked up with Tommy L and started helping with Easy at the Berkley Cafe. Since I moved to Raleigh I have done everything in my power to ingrain myself here as an EDM powerhouse and play every style. I’ve played in every club in Raleigh and made my way across this whole state. I was involved in most of the starts in most of the successful weeklies and parties. I was there and involved at the starts of Noisy Dubs, Dub Sessions, Covert Bass, Always Dirty, Peregrination, and now YDGH. I have started a clothing line and countless other ventures, all in the name of giving some kind of aid to the kids who frequent our scene. I don’t give into popularity or any of that bureaucracy,. my focus is on the example i set for the people that are right in front of me and the perfection of my craft. I feel honored to be able to work beside everyone i have.
Leader 1 means I will walk into any situation and do my best and to welcome every person I meet into my L1 family.