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Anniversary Shenanigans

Anniversary Shenanigans

So let me put you onto a little something. BassBunny Productions is celebrating the Two Year Anniversary of Covert Bass. Now of course with this celebration Mama Bunny Robyn Fuller decided to go all out just because she loves you all so much. You should already know it’s going to be a night of shenanigans when the theme for the evening is SPY VS SPY

Now onto the lineup. Let’s start local shall we? The bunny fam decided to bring out Severe, 3XL Toga,MastaFlex, Heavy Heads(Tony Dubz, BZ, and Will Love), Special Blend, and a special tag set from from Noisy BreaksHead Honcho SHATTA and The EDM Rockstar X/OLF.

Now that my friends is one killer line up. But they’re far from finished. I told you Mama Bunny pulled out all the stops right? The headliners for the festivities will be none other than Ram Records own Calyx & Teebee. Yes Ladies and Gents you read that right. Let Me repeat this so I can make it sink in. CALYX & TEEBEE WILL BE HEADLINING THE COVERT BASS TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!. If you want to see skill on six, possibly eight decks, this is where you need to be. Now this is one of the rare occasions where Cover Bass Charges a cover. But as you should know every time they charge a cover, it’s a night of epic preportions (Anyone remember the Birthday Bash?) The cover for the evening will be $12 at the door. NO PRE SALES WILL BE AVAILABLE. So make sure you get there in time before it packs out. because trust me, IT WILL PACK OUT. SEE YOU FEBRUARY 11TH!!!!!!

Rage On Raleigh,
Mr. Monopoly

Mr. Monopoly

January 21st, 2014

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